BUSY  QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

Q1 -How can I transfer my profit to Capital account?
 Ans. Pass the following Journal voucher Profit & loss account Dr. (Predefined master) To Partner/ Proprietor Account (under group Capital account) To Partner 2 (If any) (under group Capital account) 


Q2  -After transferring the profit, “Profit & Loss adjusted” is showing in asset side of
my Balance Sheet. What is the relevance of it?
Ans. When we transfer the profit into capital account, “Profit & Loss adjusted” is start
showing in asset side of Balance Sheet. By default, BUSY always shows the profit & Loss
Account in Balance Sheet. When we pass the transfer voucher, it mismatches the
balance of Asset & Liability. To match the Balance of Both sides, “Profit & Loss Adjusted”
starts showing on the other side of Balance Sheet. It is just to tally the asset & liabilities
of balance sheet & will not show in printing.


Q3 -My closing balances are not properly carried over to new financial year. How to
rectify it?
Ans. Kindly follow below mentioned steps:
1) Go to Previous year
2) Run Rewrite Books
3) Switch to new financial year and again carry over the balances.
By doing this, closing balance of previous year & opening balance of current year will


Q4  -At the time of switching to new financial year, RTE-91 (Object variable not set) is
coming. How to resolve this issue?
Ans. Kindly follow below mentioned steps:
1) Go to Previous year
2) Run Rewrite Books
3) Switch to new financial year without carry over the balances.
4) Run rewrite books in the current financial year
5) Again switch to previous year and then to current year. This time carry over the
balances and you won’t face any error.


Q5 – How can we work in multi financial year simultaneously?
Ans. If customer is using single user license then they can’t work in multiple year
simultaneously in single company. If customer is using Multi-user license then they can
open BUSY multiple times and open the same company more than one time. In every
Instance of BUSY, different financial year can be open of same company.


Q6 -How can I define the value of my stock manually?
Ans. To enter value of stock manually, follow below mentioned steps:
1) Go to Display  Balance Sheet and click on it.
2) Disable the option “Update Balance Sheet Stock” and generate the report.
3) Locate the stock account in current assets and press enter on it.
4) Define the value of stock as per your valuation and save it.
Now, your books of accounts will show the value of stock as defined by you.
Please note that you have to keep “No” in the option “Update balance sheet stock”
while generating Balance Sheet.