MAJOR CHANGES
  1. No need to buy BUSY license if a user keeps his data on BUSY Data Server.
  2. Provision made to bind the data of a customer on BUSY server with specific dongle serial nos.
  3. Provision made to import vouchers from Excel. Available as Administration –> Utilities –> Data Export / Import –> Import Voucher from Excel.
  4. Provision made to update / change Item prices on the basis of various combinations / criteria. Available as Utilities –> Bulk Updation & Voucher Templates –> Update Item Prices / Discount.
  5. Utilities –> Bulk Updation & Voucher Templates utilities, a new utility ‘Update Batch / Order Price’ added to update prices of batches and orders so that the prices can be reflected in related reports. The utility needs to be run only once to update the prices for existing data. Data fed in new version will automatically save the order / batch prices.
  6. Provision made to specify Item Free Qty. in vouchers. Option can be enabled through Features / Options –> Inventory tab. If enabled, user can feed both billed and free qty. of an item in inventory vouchers using a + symbol in qty. field like 10+2 or 5+2. The prices would be applicable on billed qty. whereas the inventory would be affected by both free & billed qty. Provision made in inventory reports to show bifurcation of billed & free qty. and a new report, Item Free QtyDetails provided in Inventory Summaries.
  7. In Vouchers Configuration, provision made to create Voucher Series Group. Now various voucher series can be grouped under a Voucher Series Group and VAT reports can be generated either for all vouchers or for a particular Voucher Series group. This is useful when a company has offices in different states but the data is centralised and VAT reports are required to be generated state-wise.
  8. In Email Configuration, provision made to send Email as Email Body textwhile sending Email through Outlook Express. Till now the email through Outlook Express could be sent only as an HTML attachment. Also provision made to specify sending mode i.e. Email Body text or HTML attachment at the time of emailing reports.
  9. Account Ledger –> Standard format on screen now available for One Account / Group of Accounts / Selected Accounts / All Accounts. Till now only one account option was available on screen.
  10. Account Ledger provided in T format also.
  11. Multi Company reports now available for Nepali date also.
  12. Multi Company results, new reports Bills Receivable / Payable and Ageing Receivable / Payable added.
  13. POS data entry allowed for Material Issued to Party and Material Received from Party vouchers.
  14. Delhi Form-6 implemented.
  15. Provision for Post Dated Cheques (PDC) in Payment / Receipt vouchers:

    • Provision to specify Payment / Receipt vouchers as PDC or Regularvouchers at the time of voucher entry.
    • Provision in relevant reports to include PDC vouchers or not.
    • Warning alarm for PDC at company start up. Can be configured through Configuration –> Warning Alarms.
    • New report for PDC Details in Accounts Summary.
  16. Changes in Item Batch / MRP Details module:

    • Provision to track Item details Batch-wise, MRP-wise or by both ways.
    • Provision to specify batch details with Item entry. Till now batch details for all items could be specified only at the time of voucher saving.
    • Provision to track Manufacturing date with batch.
    • Provision to track MRP & Sales Price with batch.
    • Provision to track MRP-wise Stock Status without maintaining batch-wise details.
    • Provision to enable / disable Expiry date with batch.
    • Provision to enter Manufacturing / Expiry date either in Date format or Month-Year format.
    • Provision to show value of items in Batch reports.
  17. Changes in Brokerage module:

    • Provision made to use name as Broker / Salesman or Brokerage / Commission.
    • Different modes for brokerage calculation like percentage, absolute amount, per main qty. or per alt. Qty.
    • Brokerage can be specified at voucher level also.
    • Provision to specify default rate of brokerage in Configuration –>Features / Options (applicable for all Brokers) and in Broker master (applicable to specific Broker).
    • Tagging of default Broker with Party.
    • Bill Adjustment details will be shown in Brokerage reports with separate calculation of brokerage on the basis of payment / receipt amount.
    • Provision to calculate brokerage on cleared bills only.
    • Broker –wise Profitability report added in MIS Reports –> Profitability Reports.
  18. Changes in Manufacturing Excise / Service Tax:

    • Provision to input Excise details in Stock Transfer, Material Issued to Party and Material Received from Party vouchers. Option can be enabled through Features / Options –> Excise tab.
    • Now Excise payment details can be entered through Journal voucher also.
    • Provision to enter Interest, Arrears and other miscellaneous payments in PLA.
    • Provision to enter Opening Balance of Excise payable.
    • Provision to enter opening balance for Service tax. Opening Balance for Service Tax can be entered through Configuration –> Opening Information –> Service Tax Op. Balance option.
    • ER-1 as per new format.
    • ER-3 implemented.
  19. Changes in Sales / Purchase Order Processing:

    • Sales / Purchase order vouchers, provision made to input Material Centre name.
    • Sales / Purchase Order vouchers, now current balance of item will be shown during voucher entry.
    • Provision to restrict Sales / Purchase vouchers without order.
    • Provision to restrict modification of Sales / Purchase Order, once Sales / Purchase voucher is posted against the order. Options can be enabled from Features / Options –> Inventory tab.
    • Pending Sales / Purchase Orders carried forward to next financial year were shown jointly under the heading OP. Bal while picking them through <F11> key during voucher entry. Now different orders would be shown under different headings and will be picked separately or independently.
    • Provision made to show / print value of items in Pending Order reports.
  20. In Stock Status and Item Critical Level reports, provision made to consider the affect of pending Sales / Purchase Orders also.
  21. Changes in Bills Receivable/ Payable reports:

    • Provision to create Reference Group. Can be enabled through Features / Options –> Accounts tab. Reference Group can be created in Bill-by-Bill Details window by pressing <F3> key. Various references can fall under a Reference Group and the reports can be filtered / sorted on the basis of Reference Group.
    • Option provided to configure Party Contact details for printing in reports.
    • Provision to show / print last Payment / Receipt details.
    • Provision to pick cleared references also.
    • Provision to show / print adjustment details of references.
    • Provision to filter report on the basis of Broker.
    • Provision to sort sub-groups of groups also.
  22. Changes in Query System –> Query on Transactions:

    • Till now query on a single voucher type was possible. Now user can select multiple voucher types of same family (Accounts, Inventory & Production) at the same time for query.
    • Provision made for query on Billing Details also.
    • Concept of Global Query is introduced. With this feature, user can specify a search string, which will be searched in all text fields (Narration, Optional Fields, Item Description etc.) of all vouchers.