Busy Sales Order Processing Software offers separate functions for sales order, quotes, invoicing and stock control to make the work systematic for the staff, as well as for the auditors. This software is designed with a view to make it completely salable from 1 user to 1,000 users and can run on any digital platform. With the help of Busy Sales Order Processing Software, your staff members can easily convert a quote into order, despatch note and invoice without having to retype any information again and again.

Busy Sales Order Processing software helps merchants to remain competitive and meet the customer’s expectations and needs in a rapidly changing business environment. The major benefit of employing Busy Sales Order Processing Software is that, the employees will work more efficiently and will be able to contact more number of clients and customers in less time, thereby increasing productivity and profit. This software enables the sales staff to have all the information of the customers on their fingertips that will help them to sell more products, creating further revenue and profit.

Key features of Busy Sales Order Processing Software

  • Automatic updating of order details into ERP system.
  • Sales orders can be edited, printed, and reprinted at any time.
  • Accepts payments and deposits at time of order.
  • Order status and transaction data can be available in real time.
  • Consistent rules for processing.
  • Generates tickets for shipping personnel to gather products before invoicing.
  • Records and allow partial shipment of the sold products.
  • Flexible and automated system of task routing.
  • Checking of duplicate orders.
  • Provides process history and audit trail.
  • Minimized number of keystrokes used to complete a single order entry.
  • Controlled exception handling for cancelled transactions and blocked orders.
  • Order validation including side-by-side view of original and captured data.
  • Provides central and synchronized point of information for all customer order management processes.
  • Generate timely reports on reports on process time and volume, queued orders, shipping and delivery dates.
  • Displays all pending orders in a F-I-F-O fashion, along with the status of availability status for completion of the order.
  • Provides option for multiple ship to address for each bill.
  • Supports authorization and processing of credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks.
  • Quickly retrieves customer’s credit card information given before for quicker processing
  • Allows sales orders on prepaid terms.
  • Ability to cancel all or a portion of a sales order.

Benefits of Busy Sales Processing Software

  • Lowers the cost of order-to-cash by up to 70%
  • Receive and enter customer order details up to 65% faster.
  • Substantially improves the cash flow on daily basis.
  • Lowers the number of daily sales outstanding .
  • Reduce stored data costs by electronic archiving.
  • Increase accuracy by 99%
  • Helps in increasing customer satisfaction levels.
  • It eliminates entry errors and delays on sales order.
  • Provides instant feedback during quote/order process.
  • Substantially reduces quote-to-order generation time.
  • Adds upto staff efficiency, leading to increased profits.
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times.
  • Easy navigation to large product catalogues.
  • Provide better control over pricing accuracy.
  • Provide real-time sales tax figures that help in building strategies.
  • Determine gross profit amounts and percentages.
  • Calculate currency conversions in no time.
  • Provides automated product bundles and kitting.



Every kind of organization, be it a small for or a large corporation have to face the challenge of processing purchase orders for incoming items. Managing control over the purchase and supply items is an essential task of every business that an organization have to perform on daily basis. It is also essential for success of the business and relationships with the suppliers.

Since purchase orders are received electronically in a paper form in a range of different formats and layouts, even today in most of the companies Purchase Order Processing is done manually. Manually done purchase order processing is comparatively a slow, complex, tedious and costly process. Moreover, any kind of error in processing can prove to be very costly in the long run. To eliminate such errors and tedious manual purchase order processing, organizations have always been looking for a reliable automated solutions.

ARCS’s products offer a wide range automated solutions to meet the needs of all size and kind of businesses. Our Purchase order Processing solutions offer automatic data standardizations and verification tools to ensure the high level of accuracy. Our solutions include mathematical cross-checks, reconciliations of data, database lookups, auto-matching against other AP documents, and many others features for an efficient functioning.

Apparently,. replacing the practice of manual data entering from Purchase orders with fully automated Purchase Order Processing can yield substantial savings and also save a lot of time and effort to manage order processing. It also eliminates human errors and give accurate results. Moreover, it also increases the quality of data of PO processing.

Other benefits of employing automated PO processings are :

  • It improves accuracy of processing.
  • It ensures no delay in terms of shipping and payments from the clients.
  • It significantly reduces the processing time.
  • It eliminates the need of storage and handling huge volumes of paper purchase orders and supporting documents.
  • Resists any kind of fraudulent and incorrect document filing practices.
  • It automatically detects and adjusts with improper tax and calculations.
  • It improves overall success of the business and customer relations.
  • It enables you to scan documents without pre-sorting or inserting page separators.
  • It helps you to save extra efforts by processing invoices and their supporting documents in the same batch run.
  • It enable you to flag any documents with incorrect or missing pages.
  • It supports multi-page tables consisting of item lists.

Our software solutions for Purchase Order Processing reduce the manual work of the staff to a minimum, and thereby increasing the overall efficiency and productivity. By automating your Purchase orders processing with ARCS software solutions you can easily streamline the workflow of purchase orders and optimize your business processes. When you automate Purchase Orders Processing with our software solution, the number of errors will be substantially reduced and the quality of the data will improve thereof! It brings better control and direct cost saving to the managements.

The key components of our software solutions for Po processing are :

  • Automatic documents classification.
  • Automatic data extraction.
  • Automatic data validation/reconciliation.
  • Intelligent self-learning capabilities.
  • Automatic classification technology.
  • Automatic classification of single-page and multi-page documents.








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